Meet Vinny!

Meet Vinny! He is a senior at approximately 10-12 years old and weighs 8 pounds. Somehow he wound up as a stray and was taken to an animal shelter, but nobody came to claim him. He was a favorite among the shelter staff and would stand at the front of his kennel wagging his tail and very happy to meet any visitors. Vinny is great with people as well as small and large dogs. Dogs like Vinny are often overlooked at the shelter but he has so much personality that we knew we could find him a lovely retirement home. We found out that Vinny has some calcification in his spine which causes him to walk stiffly. He will be on medication for that.  He is not in pain but should be walked for short distances only.  We are hoping someone with a big heart will adopt  Vinny and give him a home for his golden years.

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