Meet Scotty!

Scotty is about 2-4 years old and came to us from the Devore Shelter. One evening his foster mom came home and his gait was off and he was not putting any weight on one of his rear legs. X rays revealed he had a fractured Tibia and hip fracture, we can only assume he jumped off the tall cat tree and landed wrong. He stayed at our vet for a few weeks waiting on word from our Orthopedic Surgeon as to what was recommended. Our orthopedic surgeon gave us several options- FHO to repair the hip, but also repairing the tibia fracture. Pre surgical repeat x rays revealed that the tibia fracture actually seemed to be healing well on it’s own, so the FHO was done to repair his hip fracture (which turned out to be an old injury). He is doing amazingly well and will soon be available for adoption- in about 2 more weeks (around 4/25)

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