Meet Mason!

Mason was rescued him from SEAACA several weeks ago. We were told he had been hit by a car and was brought in to the shelter. He was scanned there and a microchip was found but calls to his former owner went unanswered. Poor boy sat at the shelter for days in pain with no pain medication. We agreed to help him and he was immediately transported to our vet. X-Rays showed just how high and how severe the break was (not a dislocated hip, a break).  After consulting with our vet and our orthopedic surgeon, it was decided that the best and really only option was to remove the leg. Mason is doing very well and fully recovered from his ordeal. He is a pretty calm guy, he can be a bit aloof at times but we are hopeful in time and with patience he will settle in. He is also a little sensitive in certain areas when petted but again we believe he just needs time and to settle in at his own pace.

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