Meet Marcus!

Marcus is about 8 years old and weighs 25 pounds. We think he might be a Pug/Beagle mix. Marcus is a well-behaved, house-trained boy. He has great doggie manners and is quite smart with the commands he knows, too (sit, stay, lay down, shake). While he is crate trained at night, his preference would be to curl up by your side. He wants to be your loyal and loving companion who will always be by your side. His ideal day would be a leisurely wake-up from a nap on a cushy dog bed followed by a neighborhood walk and playing with some toys, followed by another comfy nap. While he loves his walks, Marcus is ideally  an indoor boy – we don’t think a large yard would be necessary as he loves the luxury of the indoor lifestyle. He is very friendly with people and other dogs. Marcus is not a barker – he is very affectionate, smart, patient, and good natured. All he really wants is a person to call his own (and maybe some toys to play with). 

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