Step 1:


Complete and submit the required online adoption application.

Step 2:

Meet & Greet

You will be contacted soon to discuss your application and the pet you are interested in adopting in more detail.
If the dog or cat seems like a good fit for your lifestyle and household, a meet & greet is arranged (including any other household pets).

Step 3:

Home Check,

 If there’s a love connection, we move on to the home check/official adoption with contract and medical records provided.

After an initial phone interview, if we agree that the pet you’re interested in may be a great match, we arrange a meeting time; we require that everyone in the household, including other pets, meet your new potential four-legged family member.

We love our pets and the families who adopt them!

About Each Adoption

You’ll sign a contract that requires you to return the pet if for any reason, after any amount of time, the adoption isn’t working out. We never want one of our rescues to return to the streets or shelter system.

Our Adoption Fee always includes an exam from our veterinarian, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations (first set for puppies and kittens), deworming and AVID microchip. Cats are FIV/FELV tested and, if needed, we also include a professional training package. Also, if the animal has suffered from any illness or health condition with treatment still in progress when you adopt him/her, we include medications and cover all related costs until your pet is healthy.

It Costs To Save Animals

Please understand that an adoption fee rarely, if ever, covers the expenses we incur for each pet (an average of $400 in medical care per animal plus food and boarding costs if no foster homes are available). The adoption fee only helps defray some of the expenses. In almost every case, the healthy pet you adopt has suffered neglect and life in the shelter or on the streets wasn’t kind to him/her.

Rescuing animals is a passion and a commitment – not a way to make money! We rely on individual donations, corporate charitable giving programs, fundraising dollars and foundation grants for our funding.

Thank You For Choosing A Rescued Pet

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for adopting a rescued pet and not buying one from a breeder or pet store supplied by puppy mill dogs who endure a lifetime of suffering.

Rescued pets are the best… they’ll thank you in so many ways for the rest of their lives!