Meet Lyall

Rescued on his last day from the Devore shelter, this attractive 2 year old brown tabby is charismatic and mischievous! One minute he may exhibit a bit of ‘cattitude’ & the next, he is extremely charming and persuasive. When the mood strikes him – which is often! – he loves to romp and play with other kitties.

Acutely intelligent with a dauntless personality, Lyall may not be the best lap cat. He’s independent, alert and focused and loves his people, but he’s quite happy to sit at the other end of the sofa or across the room, glancing up every now and then to see what you’re up to. In a multi-cat household, he’ll surely be the head-honcho.

Lyall made a great impression on his foster mom, one of our devoted volunteers, who thought he was a hoot! He would ‘go-go-go’ then just come to a dead STOP. This guy is loaded with personality; he thinks kitty tunnels are the greatest things ever invented and fires up chasing fuzzy mice around before dropping into a coma.

He’s a sweet boy and SO smart. You will find Lyall to be extremely engaging with many admirable qualities – he will surely bring absolute delight into your home, being the character that he is!

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